Action Steps

Action Steps

By the time you are reading this, we’ve had two weeks in our new sermon series, Peaceworks. The themes were inspired by the Peace Works Disciples camp curriculum, but the sermons are original. Not everyone is able to attend a Disciples camp and these themes are good ones for all of us to consider, so I hope you will be in worship any time you are in town during this series!

On July 7, we explored Aloha, and at the end of my message, I issued a challenge. If you choose to accept it, the challenge is this: actively look for folks after worship services you do not know, or do not know very well, and strike up a conversation with them.

Kate White, a congregational consultant, offers these action steps to churches who want to grow in including people of younger generations, but I think they are applicable to people across many different generations and I thought you might find them helpful as you think about engaging others:

  • Practice hospitality by inviting them to come as they are [and not judging them for it]. Ex: If it’s between wearing jeans and not showing up, it’s better to have them in jeans.
  • Practice active listening and humility to prioritize relationships [over doctrine]. 
  • Try getting to know them on an individual level. Some of the best relationships start by getting together outside church for coffee, a sports game, a game night, lunch, etc. 
  • Ask what they’re interested in or passionate about. Support them in finding ways to make those ideas happen. 
  • Try withholding judgment in favor of seeking understanding. You might learn something and uncover that they make more sense than you thought.

On July 7, we also heard the exciting announcement from the Personnel Committee regarding the calling of our Intentional Interim, the Rev. Dr. Beth Dobyns, beginning August 1. I had the opportunity to meet with Beth, as did most of our Elders, our Board Chair, and our Stewardship Chair. All of these leaders feel very good about working with Beth in the coming year during this time of transition. She has extensive experience serving as an Intentional Interim and recently retired from her position as an Associate Regional Minister, serving the western part of KY. Beth has already located an apartment nearby and will deliver her first sermon here on August 4. We’re excited to have Beth join us and I’m sure you all will give her a warm welcome!

We’re leading worship in the evening of Aug 20 at Diersen House and I would love to have you join us! I’m going to write more about that next week as I’m out of room here, but Mark Your Calendars! 

As Diana said in her Thank You, these are exciting times for our congregation! Shalom, Pamela