Agape In Action

Agape In Action

If you missed Minister Linda Coleman’s sermon on July 14, I encourage you to catch up on it by watching it online. This was the 2nd sermon in our Peaceworks series, and the focus word, from the Greek, was Agape. Agape is unselfish Love. Agape is Unconditional Love. Agape for Christians is God’s Reconciling Love made most manifest in the sacrificial love of Jesus.

When we truly understand the vastness of God’s Agape, we understand that God loves us not because of anything we do or don’t do, but because we ARE… When we really understand God’s Agape, then we, in turn, can look at others through Agape Eyes. We can look at others not as an object to be used for our own pleasure or benefit, or as someone to hate or fear, but as fellow humans who are as deserving of our respect and a decent life as we are. It is also from this Agape Love that we can work together to find common ground as a Church Family, not bonded together by blood, but by God’s Agape.

At the end of her message, Linda added her own personal testimony to the way that she has seen Agape Love exhibited to her and her family through the prayers, words, and actions of Jeffersontown Christian Church. I know also that this congregation has a long history of giving time, talent, and resources to ease the burdens which others carry. One group that does this in ways in which you may not be fully aware is our Elders. Not only do they pray over the bread and cup every Sunday, they also visit the homebound and hospitalized members regularly. They also pray regularly for the people of this congregation, as well as our relatives and friends. And the Elders strive to be mature, reliable, and unselfish people we can count on to provide spiritual leadership.

Each Elder cares deeply for this congregation and makes many sacrifices to live up to the high expectations that have been set for those who hold the office of Elder. And each of our youth group members who have been baptized has an Elder Mentor; as Mentors, the Elders stay in regular contact with their youth, serving as one more caring adult in the life of each youth. We are very blessed to have a phenomenal group of women and men serving as active Elders here at Jeffersontown Christian Church. In addition to your Ministerial Staff, the Elders are available to provide pastoral care for you and your family; please do not hesitate to call on an Elder when you need a listening ear or extra prayers, or assistance during a time of difficulty. They are here for you! 

                                                                                     -Shalom, Pamela