All Saints' Day

All Saints' Day

Saturday is Halloween!  I remember that night as a child.  It was a night filled with great anticipation, mischievousness and anxiety.  The anticipation was because I knew I would haul in enough candy and other goodies to last until at least Thanksgiving!  Our neighborhood, and that of my grandparents, was fertile ground waiting for the night stalkers to arrive “trick or treating.”  Across the street from my grandparents’ house was the parsonage for the Church of the Brethren a block away.  They had two boys and we would spend a couple of hours getting our pillowcases full before giving up and heading back to the house.  Occasionally, a house would be dark, and once in a while a house would be lit up to the max, but the residents didn’t participate.  When we went through our stash, we found popcorn balls the size of a large apple, small loaves of Wonder Bread (we had a delivery man on the route), candy bars, pencils, suckers and homemade cupcakes.  Our anxiety was concern over people who might put undesirable things in the treats, but we were diligent in checking for suspicious objects.

This coming Sunday we will be celebrating All Saints Day, the day after All Hallows Eve.  In the lifespan of Christianity, many people have given their lives for their faith.  Some have been put to death, like those in Syria under the hand of ISIS and the victims of the Holocaust in Germany.  Reformers, Anabaptists and Catholics alike have been persecuted, mainly by each other, but sometimes by other faith traditions.  Even more people have given their lives in service to the church, missionary work and ministry.  As we remember and celebrate our own members who have passed away over the last twelve months (Ralph Denham, Earl Duncan, Mary Jane Waddell, Linda Williams, Jim Hamby, Bob Brumley, Peggy Polk, Jim Cinnamon, Jackie Neal, John Ernspiker, Nancy Rogers), I am reminded of the history and ministry of JCC.  In the cabinet by the front doors are the two time capsules we filled as part of our 175th Anniversary are documents and photos that represent the saints gathered  for worship, ministry and service in Jeffersontown, Kentucky since the early 1790’s. In 1837 the “regular Baptists” voted to leave the Campbellites who then built their new building in 1839. 

Since then until this very day, JCC has seen many saints and we thank God for every one!

Leading up to the celebration of All Saints’ Day, October is designated as the month to celebrate individuals called into the ministry of the church.  Please remember all the folks we have in ministry from JCC: ordained clergy: Bill Bernauer, Susan Bernauer, Thurmond Coleman, Jr., Linda Jones, David Kenley, Ron Loughry, Bob Olive, Vicki Poole-Adams, David Scarlott and myself; commissioned minister: Melisa Scarlott; licensed ministers: Marlon Cummings, Ben Gritton and Max Hazell; Timothy and Phoebes: Phillip Cook, Betty Dawson, Jennyfer Norville, and John Opsata.

Come celebrate all the saints this week!