Bumper Sticker Theology

Bumper Sticker Theology

With the Olympics behind us and the return of the political campaigns ahead, I thought we might need a little levity in our day. Below are some examples of “Bumper Sticker Theology” most of which come from an article by Richard Kauffman in Christianity Today and some from the Dictionary of Christianese.

I’m not religious, I just love the Lord.

Jesus loves you, but I’m his favorite.

Caution: never drive faster than your angels can fly.

Forget world peace; visualize using your turn signals!

Where am I going and why I am in this handbasket?

Your silence will not protect you.

Jesus came to take away your sin, not your mind.

Thank God I’m an atheist!

I don’t recall questioning your existence. God

Lord, walk beside me with your arm on my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.

God said it; I believe it, which settles it.

Do You Follow Jesus This Close?

Don’t let the car fool you, my real treasure is in heaven.

Honk, if you love Jesus.

If you love Jesus, tithe. Any fool can honk.

Well, that about does it for me tonight. Going home to catch a little more of those Olympics before they’re gone (now you know how far in advance I write some of these distractions!)