Thurby is done. The Oaks are history. The Kentucky Derby is not only the fastest two minutes in sport, but now, just a memory. We will talk about the race for a few weeks until the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes races are finished, and then, without a Triple Crown winner it will fade into the past.. But there are other days of remembrance in these weeks as well: Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Independence Day in America.

As we approach the coming Mother’s Day, I find the reflection of my friend and former Lexington Theological Seminary professor, Lisa Davidson, a powerful statement. I hope you find it as I did: thoughtful, meaningful, celebrative, and challenging.

“As some might anticipate, it's that time of year when I share some thoughts on Mother's Day. I do want to be clear that I have nothing against mothers. I love my mother, and many of my friends are mothers. Even so…

With equal passion, I am holding in my heart this weekend: those women who want so badly to be mothers but are not able to do so biologically or are prohibited from adopting due to prejudice (e.g., heterosexism, bias against single parents, etc.); those women who gave birth so that others might be mothers; those women who are mourning the loss of a mother, and those women who (for whatever reason) have chosen not to be mothers. For all those who lead worship on Sunday I make this plea -- please remember that: not all women are mothers; not all women want to be considered 'metaphorical' mothers; not all people have the kind of mothers that are worthy of celebration; and more than anything, remember that being a "mother" is not what makes one a woman.

Perhaps it is time to remember the origins of Mother's Day in the US as a day calling for peace between families broken apart by the Civil War (thanks Ann Jarvis and Julia Ward Howe). Our world is in great need for peace. The human family is torn asunder by violence (physical, spiritual, and emotional) & all-consuming greed, and all of creation cries out from the abuse that the Earth, and all of the Earth Community, have suffered due to our warped understanding of what it means to be made in God’s image.

 Perhaps May 13, 2018 can be a day where we celebrate those who 

are working to mend the torn web of God’s whole Creation with the threads of justice and peace.

 May the Holy One hold us all in the full embrace of Her Shalom.”