What a week! Jeffersontown Christian Preschool will close its doors for the last time on May 20, 2016 after 33 years of faithful service.  It is a sad day for our church and the community.  Based on an average of 30 graduates each year, I would estimate that more than 1000 children have benefited from the care and preparation they received while at the preschool.  I am sure they are dozens more who for various reasons did not complete their two years.  At the reception/open house on Sunday, around 250 or so folks came to say thank you to our teachers and reminisce about the funny things that happen in a 3 and 4 year old preschool.

During worship we were fortunate to have most of teachers present to receive the gratitude of the congregation.  Jennifer Lakin was here for all 33 years, many of which she was director and teacher.  She is followed in longevity by: Nancy Wortley with 17, Lorraine Steele with 15, Vickie DeShazer with 13, Sheila Quire with 11, Missy Witten with 8, Gail Schimke with 5, and Kim Nalley with 3.  It is a testament to this congregation that all but one of these teachers are members.  Our community and church has been strengthened by their dedication and passion for educating young children.

What a week! Max Hazell, our former intern and candidate for the ministry had his final meeting with the Committee on the Ministry Interview Team last Wednesday where he was approved for ordination into Christian ministry.  As his sponsoring congregation, we have the honor of hosting and participating in his ordination service!  He will become the fifth Timothy/Phoebe from our congregation, joining Phillip Cook, John Opsata, Jennyfer Norvell and Betty Dawson.  It looks like Ben Reece will be the next one in 2019 followed by Ben Gritton.  Due to scheduling difficulties, Max‘s service of ordination will be Saturday, May 14, at 2:00 PM.  Please make every effort to be here to witness and participate in the laying on of hands as we celebrate with him.  Max will be moving very soon to Maryland where he will hopefully be enrolled in an advanced Clinical Pastoral Education course moving toward credentialed Chaplaincy.  Our prayers and best wishes for his future go with him on his journey in ministry!

Don’t forget: Saturday, May 14, 2:00 PM!