Nurturing childcare for children ages birth through 3 years old is available for families with children during worship on Sundays and for all events held at the church. The nursery is located on the hall near the sanctuary. 

Little Disciples (2-4yrs old) Sunday during worship

2-4 year-olds who participate in Little Disciples leave* during the Children’s Song to attend a Worship Experience designed just for them. At the conclusion of their time together, leaders will bring the children to meet their families in the gathering area outside the sanctuary. *Note, children are always welcome to stay in the sanctuary with their families as well!

Summer in the Sanctuary (4yrs old through 3rd grade) Sunday during worship from mid-August to mid-June: 

During the Children’s Song, children ages 4-3rd grade are invited to come and sit together in some front pews reserved just for them. Prior to the beginning of the service, children may select a variety of books, activity sheets and other quiet items, from a table right outside the sanctuary, to put into a special worship bag to be used during this time. Each bag is already stocked with a clipboard, pencil, and crayons. Two adults sit with the children to assist them wirh any needs that arrive. 

Worship and Wonder (4yrs old through 3rd grade) Sunday during worship from mid-August to mid-June: 

Children 4 years-3rd grade begin worship service in the sanctuary with families and then, during the Children's Song, move with an adult greeter to the Worship and Wonder space. Worship and Wonder is based on the theology that children have a relationship with God at an early age. Following a Montessori teaching system, children share in the stories of God. It is a full worship service with songs of praise, Bible stories, response time, and a farewell blessing. Worship and Wonder leaders will accompany the children back to the sanctuary to join their families for communion and the time of offering. 

Disciple Kids (K-5th grade) Sundays 12-1:40pm

Sunday afternoon programming begins in mid August and continuing throughout the end of April. It begins with lunch for children and their families from noon-12:12:25pm. Children in kindergarten through grade 5 meet each Sunday from 12:25-12:55pm with Pastor Pamela for Scripture Study or Ms. Mary for Creative Crafts (on a rotating basis), both of which aim to help the children continue growing in their faith journey. From 1-1:40pm, the children have Disciple Kids Choir with Dr. Rebecca and Ms Paige, a time to learn songs and do musical activities that are fun and faith-filled.  The Kids Choir participates in worship several times a year.