Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

Christmas is a time of nostalgia for many us who have attained a certain maturity in life. We remember fondly times when the pace as we approach Christmas seemed slower, more about the birth of Jesus than the frantic race to locate and decorate the tree, deck the halls along with the yard and house, purchase and wrap gifts, bake and entertain. We remember stockings with a few things stuffed into them like a toothbrush and paste, a candy cane and a chocolate Santa, maybe a pen and a pencil, a small toy or a little stuffed animal. Excitement peaked with the arrival of the daily mail certain to bring greetings from family and friends both near and far. Cards with “Hallmark” scenes, cardinals, snowmen and trees all aglitter filled the mailbox. Many came with special letters to recap the past year and send best wishes for the year to come. Several weeks ago, Diane and I were reminiscing about our memories of opening cards, we decided to send a card to members of the church family to which we belong. We hope the cards help you to recall some of your Christmases past and the traditions which made those celebrations so special. For you younger folks, just enjoy the moment of receiving a physical reminder of the reason for the season. Think of it like a sort of incarnation of our love for our church family.

A poem to go with my thoughts:

Christmas Mail

By Ted Kooser

Cards in each mailbox, angel, manger, star and lamb,

as the rural carrier, driving the snowy roads,

hears from her bundles the plaintive bleating of sheep,

the shuffle of sandals, the clopping of camels.

At stop after stop, she opens the little tin door

and places deep in the shadows the shepherds and wise men,

the donkeys lank and weary, the cow who chews and muses.

And from her Styrofoam cup, white as a star and perched

on the dashboard, leading her ever into the distance,

there is a hint of hazelnut, and then a touch of myrrh.

And from all the staff: Ben, Mary Catherine, Rebecca, Paige, Deby, Randee, Danny and myself, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”