When you receive this, we will be in the midst of Holy Week. Palm Sunday will be yesterday’s news as we look to observe Maundy Thursday and Good Friday followed by Easter. These days are important parts of preparing for Easter. Our Thursday service will be about remembering the night when Jesus met with the Disciples in an upper room. It was on that night as recorded in all four Gospel accounts that Jesus instructed them to celebrate a meal as a means to remembering him. That the four do not agree on the details of what happened doesn’t take away from the purpose of establishing a weekly ritual for us to follow.

When they had finished eating, Jesus led them out into the garden to pray. So, we too take time to pray between that evening’s meal and the events of the next day. Our 24 hour prayer vigil is open to everyone. It is divided into half hour segments which can be done by individuals in the sanctuary or at home, especially during the late night hours. More than one person can pray during each segment as well; we just hope to fill all of the slots. If you haven’t signed up and would like a spot, please call the church office and we will get you on the schedule.

In the Biblical accounts, betrayals, trials and punishments precede the crucifixion of Jesus. Lights and music are the essence of the Tenebrae Service reminding us of these events and the death of Jesus on the cross. As the sanctuary darkens and the candles are extinguished, we leave knowing that Jesus has been laid to rest in a stone tomb with a large rock protecting its entrance. It is a dark Saturday, a Black Saturday for sure.

But, we are people of hope, people of resurrection! On Easter morning we gather to celebrate not only the risen Christ, but the baptism of young people who have come to believe. After breakfast, we celebrate Resurrection Sunday with pomp and joy and gratitude for the life and ministry and teaching of the Christ.

So, come. Come; sit at the table of the Lord on Thursday evening. Come; spend a few minutes in prayer for the world, for our nation, for our community and for our congregation. Come; stand at the foot of the cross with Mary, and Mary Magdalene, and Martha, and Jesus’ Disciples and friends. Come; share the joy of the baptismal pool with our young members. Come; celebrate the power and glory of God made visible in the breaking of the bread and the sharing of the cup!