Dinner, Talent and More!

Dinner, Talent and More!

I try not to spend a great amount of space in my Distractions dealing with “announcements” and such, but sometimes it is inevitable that information be shared.

First off , the upcoming Dinner and Talent Show to support our youth mission and activity fund is an important opportunity to share table food, fellowship and laughter. We have tried to price this year’s event so even our families with multiple children can come, but if you need help, there are “scholarship” funds available for that purpose. Even more important, we need talent acts to fill in the gaps between Johnnie “The Emcee” Selby’s stand-up routine. We will also have an area for people to display talents that are not performing arts such as but not limited to: painting, textiles, pottery, wood working, calligraphy, photography, and crafts. Susan Bernauer (502-991-1635) has offered to help folks display their work with a printed statement of what and who has contributed, children included. So, please sign up in the Gathering Area this week for performing arts and contact Susan for creative arts. Also, we will have a silent auction that evening (maybe one or two live auctions, as well). Items can be donated through Paige Gottlieb, our Master for the Silent Bid! And most of all get your tickets this Sunday!!!!!

Next, the summer camp dates were listed in the last eCaller, but not in the hard copy Caller since it was the week following the snow and there wasn’t one. These are important opportunities for our children and youth to experience our greater church community and make new friends across the region. The way the church treats summer camp is to provide ½ of the cost of camp for each child who attends and all expenses for an adult who attends as a counselor. We also work with our sister congregations in the area to arrange transportation to Wa-Kon-Da-Ho. Sometimes we must take our children ourselves, but we will work that out with parents in advance. If you have children interested in going to summer camp, please let me know and I will begin putting a list together.

Lastly, some Regional and District news: for those unfamiliar with our regional structure, the Region is formed into a number of districts which then make up the whole of our Kentucky Region. Currently the Region is in the process of restructuring itself which may result in consolidating some districts as well as changing the makeup of the Regional Board. As we await the final results of this restructuring, our own District 4 will be putting on hold our recently adopted Articles of Agreement. This will have little impact on our District or our connection/partnership with the congregations in Southern Indiana through the Kentuckiana Disciples Fellowship of which I am the current Moderator.