Each Life Is A Song

Each Life Is A Song

Just a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the passing of Mary Jane Waddell and others from the Monday Morning Bible Study.  As I write today, two more long-time members of church has passed away as well: Jim Hamby and Bob Brumley.  These men will be missed by the members of JCC and their many friends.  Both of them were faithful attendees and hard workers at the church.

I ran across this poem the other day (unfortunately, I failed to note the author) and thought it might be nice to share it with you in memory of all those we have loved and watched move on to the next realm in the presence of God.

Each Life is a Song

A life is a song
We write in our
Own tone and key.
Each life we touch
Reflects a note
That forms the melody.
We choose the theme and
Chorus of the song
To bear our name, and
Each will have a
Special sound, no two
Can be the same.
So then someone
We love departs,
In memory we find their
Song plays on
Within the hearts
Of those they
Leave behind.

Peace to our friends and loved ones whose songs play on within our hearts.

See you Sunday!  Until then – peace to all,