Fragile! Handle with care!

Fragile! Handle with care!

In the midst of the current media overload covering the primaries and caucuses in various states, perhaps a word of caution would be useful.  I’m not thinking of anything to do with the actual politics of the campaigns or which of the candidates is more deserving of the nomination within their respective party or even the Electoral College process itself.  No, I’m thinking of the well being of the candidates and the voters.

Something one of my former parishioners and now ministerial colleague in Tennessee, Dee Moore Wells, wrote the other day reminded me of a basic truth about life for all human beings.  She wrote.

Morning Friends...with all the lashing out and created chaos I hear over the media these days, let's remember that we are fragile and must be handled with care. We are treasures in clay pots! Be nice to one another. You are loved!

It’s easy to forget that we all have feelings and flaws and scars from the battles of life that we carry just under the surface of our “everything is fine” personas.  We are not made of steel or stone or rubber.  Insults and accusations do not run off us like water off steel or stone.  Outright lies do not bounce off as though we were made of rubber. 

It may be fact that we expect our political rhetoric to be mean spirited and derogatory, but that doesn’t make it good for the candidates or the process.  Nor does it mean that our candidates should somehow be inhuman, expected to withstand all of the meanness without feeling.  They, too, are treasures in clay pots, created by God with as much care as you or I was created.  They, too, are loved!  Granted, we may not understand how they can be loved, but we are assured that each individual of the human race is LOVED.

Churchgoers, spiritual but not religious folks, synagogue and mosque attendees, temple and shrine worshippers, pagan practitioners, even politicians are loved by the God we follow and experience through the person of Jesus of Nazareth. 

So, as my friend Dee would add,

Come to worship and know that kind of love -whoever you are and whatever is going on in your life - you are welcomed without judgment -that is the Jesus way!