From our Intentional Interim Senior Minister, Rev. Dr. Beth Dobyns

From our Intentional Interim Senior Minister, Rev. Dr. Beth Dobyns

Note, this is a compilation of two different posts that went out in the paper newsletter but did not get posted here… 

I am so glad to join you here at Jeffersontown Christian Church! It’s good to get acquainted and to begin hearing about the things you love about this church. In the “in-between” time, we have an opportunity to get to know one another well and to launch into figuring out the future around here. Please know that I am not here to tell you what to do; however, I am here to help focus your time and energy on designing what comes next for this congregation and community. I plan to create a process for us to use in spending some time together to talk, discuss, maybe argue (!) a little about what constitutes a faithful future for JCC.

One of the most important things we can do to start out together is to spend time refreshing our hearts, minds, and souls. So, for the next couple of months, I invite you to be in worship and to pray for your church and for our poor, hurting world. I encourage you to engage in scripture reading as often as you can. Pick a book or follow along with the selections for sermons each week. All along the way, I hope you will pay close attention to the opportunities for friendship and fellowship in the life of this church.

I hope you will put these dates on your calendar and be present for three important opportunities for discussion and getting to know your church friends. This is the beginning of “Discovering Our Future.” These events will all be held at the church, from 4pm-6pm, with a light snack supper provided.

Discovering Our Future

September 22 Vision Work—Reframing Our Hope and Noticing Big Dreams

October 20 Exercising the Spirit-Practicing Our Faith

November 17 Our 21st Century Focus-What Are We Doing Here?

Conversation and shared ideas are the way to a bright, hopeful future! YOU get to decide, design, and launch your future at this wonderful church. Please make every effort to be present for each one. 

Your ideas and your input will be crucial to designing a bright future here. Begin this holy work by fueling your heart and your life with God’s word and work in the world. See you in church! Beth