Good Stewards

Good Stewards

The fall stewardship campaign is in the books…well, almost! We had three Sundays of stewardship moments by Sue Sullivan, Sam DeShazer and Josh Mabe, each of which reminded us of the many ways Jeffersontown Christian Church provides ministry for our faith community as well as the many ways we do mission in the world around us, locally and to the ends of the earth. Not everyone was able to celebrate in worship on September 29th. If you could not be with us, there is still time to turn in an estimate of giving card for the 2018 operational budget of the church. Our congregation is an important mission and ministry station in Jeffersontown, Metro-Louisville, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the nation and beyond. You can help guarantee that our witness and work for the Lord continues into the next year and hopefully, as Josh put it, “until he can bring his children here.”

As always, much happens around here that goes unnoticed and some things go undone. Let me say thank you to everyone who helped make the Fall Festival a success! What a fun evening and what great food we had to share. The costumes were fabulous and the fellowship delightful. We have much for which to be thankful!

The trustees have been hard at work on projects around the facilities. I can report that the garage is about to be remodeled so that the “new” bus will fit inside. It will require several weeks of demolition and construction, so in advance…please be patient with the mess! When it’s over, we’ll be thankful for the place to protect the bus. We have also been in consultation with LG&E concerning the lights around the building and grounds. We will be making some changes there as well, being good stewards of resources. Our conversations with the City of Jeffersontown and the proposed Veteran’s Park renovations and their impact on us continue and we should begin to see some work in the park in the not too distant future.

Keep our world, our nation and our state and our community in your prayers in the coming weeks. Give thanks for what we have and pray for what we become as individuals and as a family of faith!