If You Knew Me

If You Knew Me

Did anyone mention that it is hot outside? The air-conditioning in our church and in many of our homes has difficulty keeping up with temperatures in the 90s alongside humidity over 80% and a dew point in the upper 70s. That is near impossible! Of course, it could be worse; we might not have any air-conditioning like much of the rest of the world. Just ask the folks in Great Britain or Northern Europe these days. They, too, have conditions that are hotter than any in memory AND they don’t have air-conditioning in most places. We are very fortunate here in the United States. Remember that increased use of our wonderful machines comes with a price: increased electric and fuel costs. The efficiency of our cars engines is decreased as we cool the passenger cabin. The use of fans helps, but if you are in the room with the fan; running a fan when no one is present does not cool anyone. A building the size of JCC requires a large increase in running time for the machinery which means additional maintenance and higher fuel consumption. That makes it more imperative that we continue to support the church with our offerings, even when we are gone on vacation or enjoying the weekends on family outings. The finance committee and I encourage you to make your gifts to the church before you leave town.

This Friday, July 20th, at 6:00 P.M., we will be hosting a choir from the Southbend, Indiana area. This is a special choir called “The Ripple Effect” which has as its mission helping people come to a better understanding of each other, especially when there are differences between people. They call their performance “If You Knew Me You’d Love Me..” So, they come to churches and offer a concert of sorts, interlaced with a few speakers (five minute reflections) who talk about whom they are and how others may not always understand them. We will begin the evening with a pot-luck dinner followed by their performance in the sanctuary. We will receive a free-will offering to help defray their travel expenses, but otherwise this is a gift from them to us and each other. Check them out on facebook or on their website: www.rippleeffectchoir.org.

Peg Garnaat, former pastor at Shawnee Christian Church, is a member of the choir, so some of us are friends of hers. Many of us know Dawn Wilson, from Edenside Christian Church, now at Douglass Boulevard Christian Church who will be one of the speakers. I believe one member of the choir will speak and I have invited (awaiting a response as of Tuesday, July 10th) a person from the Kentucky Refugee Ministries staff who is in the process of seeking asylum here in Louisville as well. All in all, it “sounds” like a great evening of music, fellowship, community and being the people of God. Just in case you are wondering, they sing a variety of musical styles from Broadway, R&B, and Jazz, to hymns and spirituals; some composed by their director! So, come on out and enjoy the evening with old friends and new neighbors!

 See you Friday! And Sunday!