Light in the Darkness

Light in the Darkness

We have had the first real snowfall of 2016 and by the time you read this, another more significant storm may have left additional accumulations.  Oil prices have plunged to unbelievable levels resulting in lowers prices at the pump and a scary rollercoaster ride for the stock market.  Louisville has experienced another week of multiple homicides.  Terrorists have once again attacked a university full of young students, this time in Pakistan.  ISIL/ISIS continues to enslave civilians, destroy religious and historic sites, and recruit young people around the world through the use of encrypted social media.  These are dark days around the world. 

What are we to think and do as Christians?

I don’t have a good answer, except to say, we must not lose faith in the God who acts in history from Moses to King David to the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.  We must trust that God continues to walk with us through the darkest of moments.  And I read something Pope Francis said a few weeks ago, “In the final hours of 2015, Pope Francis is encouraging humanity to hang on to recollections of good deeds, so that gestures of goodness can be seen triumphing over evil.  He mused about how people are sometimes driven by ‘insatiable thirst for power and by gratuitous violence.’  He said it is impossible to forget ‘so many days marked by violence, by death, by the unspeakable suffering of so many innocents.’”  He went on to call attention to what he referred to as "great gestures of goodness, love and solidarity" that don't make headlines.  "These signs of love can't and mustn't be obscured by the tyranny of evil," and that good always triumphs.

Pope Francis’ words are worth remembering as we look to the future.  Even when the darkness seems to overwhelm the light of Christ in the world, we trust that the God who became one of us in the person of Jesus, is with us still and provide the directions we need to do acts of kindness and goodness.  We also trust that we are encouraged and strengthened through worship together and in the celebrating of the Lord’s Supper.  So, in this time when the darkness seems so powerful and relenting, it is time for us to return to worship and prepare for standing against the darkness by working for justice and peace as well as through acts of love for our neighbors.