Mission Possible!

Mission Possible!

On Aug 4-6, six of our youth participated in (all or part of) our mission trip. This year, we went local, staying together at Kavanaugh Retreat Center in Crestwood. We arrived there about 3pm on Sunday, and they did some team building activities together. That evening, we all had a delicious dinner, meaningful worship, and s’mores at the campfire. On Monday, we were up bright and early to head up to LaGrange and work at Highpoint Ministries. The youth and adults worked hard in the food pantry and clothes closet. We had a late lunch in LaGrange also, and then some down time back at Kavanaugh, followed by dinner and meaningful worship, which ended with communion at the campfire. Back at the dining hall, we enjoyed ice cream sundaes.

On Tuesday morning, we packed up, and headed into Louisville to spend the day working at WaterStep, learning about this ministry and sorting LOTS of shoes. We took a break to got to lunch at The Table, on Portland Avenue. This restaurant is staffed by mostly volunteers and it’s a “pay what you can” eatery. The food was amazingly good and I commend it to you! We tipped generously to help support this Christian mission. Then we headed to Kroger, where some of the youth shopped for dinner items and then we arrived at the church about 4pm. We moved furniture and organized two classrooms, they prepared dinner for us, the elders, and board chair; cleaned up after dinner; and also helped finish bagging all of the lids to be recycled into benches.

All in all, it was a very good 3 days. And none of it would have been possible without these adults giving of their time and effort: LeeAnn Neuman, David Duke, Steve Pierie, and Natasha Bond. No minister can do all the work of the church alone and these volunteers made it possible for the youth to experience these meaningful opportunities to serve. I am grateful for them and for all of the folks who give of their time to make Jeffersontown Christian Church the wonderful church that it is. And I also look forward to seeing what else God has in store for us, as people are willing to step up to new adventures…. 

There are lots of new things on the horizon, and sometimes we are going to experience little hiccups along the way as we try new things. Let’s not forget to show grace to one another, including our Intentional Interim, as she leads us in Discovering Our Future. We ALL (hopefully) want what’s best for the church overall, so that we may best live out our mission, so let’s be kind, even as we may disagree on what that looks like. -Shalom, Pamela