I would like to say that I have the answers to a lot of questions which are being asked, but I don’t. What I can answer somewhat are most of the questions concerning the fall schedule for our community of faith. Four Wednesdays in September and four Wednesdays in October are going to feature a dinner at 5:30 followed by an adult study at 6:00. Choir members will be able to eat at that time or come in before choir practice at 7:00 to eat while the study is in progress. Food will be served buffet style in front of the kitchen and the studies will be held toward the rear of the fellowship hall. Kirkringers has been moved from Wednesdays to Sundays at 5:30 to allow for the studies and for choir rehearsal to move up a half-hour.

The studies: Emily Allen, currently serving at the Middletown United Methodist Church, will be leading the September study on “listening”. Now that is something we could all use more understanding of in our daily lives. The October study will be led by John Hull from Beargrass Christian Church and focus on the Bible. John has been a student of the Scriptures for many years and I’m sure he will have an insightful study. If you don’t recognize John’s name, he is the husband to Caryn Yoast who has done studies with us here at JCC.

About communication…. It may take a few weeks for us to get things sorted out, so please be patient with me, Mary Catherine and the volunteers who do much of the communication pieces for the church. I want to especially thank Sheila Quire for her dedication to producing the eCaller each week and uploading the podcasts of the Sunday sermons. If you have an article or notice for the hard copy or the email version of the newsletter, please know that you need to have it to Sheila and Mary Catherine ten days before the publishing date although two weeks would be even better.

The Personnel Committee is working on and through the search process to address our staffing needs as determined by the church By-Laws. PLEASE keep the members of the search committee in your prayers as they do their work. Since this process may take several weeks or even months to complete, please continue to be patient as we move forward. Coming together as community is very important at this time in the life of our church.