Life is busy and messy and confusing and crazy and, well, just about any other descriptor you want to add.  It is difficult and joyful and painful and crazy…no wait, I already said that one.  But it’s true, life is a mixed bag of pleasant things and sad things, of sunny days and dark nights; it’s crazy!

So, why not take the time to get out of the busy, messy, craziness.  I know, the beach sounds like a winner or maybe a trip to Disney World; right, the beach really does sound better.  But who can afford to just live at the beach forever?  Because once you got there, you’d never want to come back to reality.  I think there may be another option other than a different beach!

Why not use the coming weeks of Lent to take some time to renew your relationship with God through worship and/or study?  You could make Sunday worship your “Lenten practice” or come to the Wednesday explorations of the three religions of the descendants of Abraham and Sarah of the Hebrew Scriptures.  Just want to have some quiet reflective time?  Susan & Bill Bernauer are offering a Wednesday evening worship experience.  It’s a good way to finish off “hump day.”  We all could use the time to prepare for the most important Holy Day for the Christian faith, Easter.

Holy Week brings even more opportunities to experience the final week of Jesus’ life on earth.  It all begins with the waving of palms on Palm Sunday as Jesus enters Jerusalem for the last time.  Our day of palms will include the Chancel Choir presenting the musical “Celebrate Life” complete with instrumental accompaniment.  As the week progresses, we find ourselves in an upper room with Jesus, the Disciples and other early followers where Jesus establishes the practice of the Lord’s Supper which we modern Disciples believe is the central focus of our worship services.  A 24 hour prayer vigil follows with people participating in the sanctuary as well as from home and concluding with a Good Friday service to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus.  By Sunday we will be ready, maybe even excited that at least 6 of our young people will be baptized!  And then, following breakfast in the Fellowship Hall and some educational opportunities, we re-live the wonder of that first Easter morning when the stone is rolled away and the risen Christ is made known.  Perhaps the world will still be the same crazy place on that Monday, but we will be better prepared to face it with faith and hope and love.