Responsible Posting

Responsible Posting

Let me say right off that this is a difficult week for anything but distractions! The usual ministry stuff is a given every week, but Vacation Bible School is a whole different beast. Really, it’s a lot of fun and the children are absolutely adorable as they hear the stories of faith, make crafts, learn to grow food and come to better understanding of what it means to share what we have with those who have little. We talked about God commanding the people of God to welcome the stranger, love the neighbor and care the least of these. It has been a great week! We also learned how to plant gardens and grow food for our families with enough extra to share. You can learn a lot at VBS!

If you have spent any amount of time visiting social media on the internet, watch news on more than one network, listen to radio talk shows or read newspapers and magazines, you know…you know that there are claims and counter claims made by faction after faction of special interest groups. Our political system has been reduced to name calling and making accusations with just a pinch of innuendo and suggestion. We have discovered that foreign powers and even some citizens paid computer hackers to write false articles for circulation on those social media sites. People, our friends and relatives, post things on their social media outlets without ever checking to see if it is accurate, true and factual. We are all drawn to pieces which affirm our present beliefs and confirm our bias or prejudice concerning other people and groups. This is rampant when it comes to politics. I have said this before and I will say it again, it is up to and up to you to police our own social media and what we post for others to read. We owe it to them to only post accurate, true and factual statements.

There are five websites which can help in this endeavor. You should become familiar with each one and use them regularly. Always check yourself before hitting that “post” button! investigates all sorts of information on the internet. uses the “Truth-O-Meter” to evaluate statements made by elected officials, political candidates, activists and more. seeks to combine journalism and scholarship to provide accurate information to media consumers.

American Press Institute provides vetted material for fact-checkers and journalists.

Washington Post fact-checkers use “Pinocchio Noses” to rate the truthfulness of public statements and materials.

Something to consider as we try to deal with all of the information we receive and pass on to others. Our ability to be good citizens is directly related to our access to accurate, truthful and factual information. Make sure before you share!