Start with Love

Start with Love

(The following is an adaptation of a story I read this week from Reflections from Holstee, an inspirational daily email.)

Where do we begin? Easter is over.

Everywhere we look, faces match the overcast skies we have seen so much of lately. The news cycles and social media are full of uncivil rhetoric from almost all parties involved. The world stands on the brink of could be the FINAL world war. People look dazed, uncertain and the mood is oddly somber, especially for spring.

I am looking for an answer, some wisdom on how to move forward. I am too distraught and cloudy-headed to be productive, so I take to a cafe to sit and reflect with my journal. While looking out the window, I see a homeless man approach a younger woman about to enter the cafe.

“I'm embarrassed to say that my biases and cynicism get the best of me, and I sympathize with the young woman rather than the homeless man. ‘So unfortunate,’ I think, ‘getting harassed by this man just as she is starting her day.’

After a brief interaction with the man, she comes into the cafe and orders some coffee and baked goods to-go.

Outside, she stops and gives the man a fresh coffee and a bag of croissants.

Then it hits me.

That in dark times, when you don’t know where to start, start with love.

Love as a path to generosity. Love as a path to peace.

Boundless, limitless, unexpected, and unconditional love for this planet and the beings on it.

It's a moment that I frequently come back to. So often, it’s natural to resort to anger, judgement, and fear when faced with a difficult situation. But sometimes, as difficult as it may feel, the only way out is through love.”

 There is a lot to consider in this story about a true encounter with the world surrounding a guy sitting in a café in a large city when the world seems bent on something less than what the Creator intended. That’s where faith, community, and love are the answer for the moment. Come on Sunday as we celebrate our faith, gather in community and speak of love.