Summer (gone)

Summer (gone)

Summer is quickly coming to a close. School starts in mid August these days, so we will follow suit and begin the church year a little of ahead of normal. Since we have a number of new committee/ministry chairs, they will need our help in maintaining our continuing programs and mission work as well as looking at some new and avenues for worship, spiritual formation, fellowship and discipleship. If you get a call to help in one of these areas, please say “yes” WITH enthusiasm and commitment! It’s going to be an exciting year with all sorts of opportunities for each of us to grow and serve.

It’s also time for us to produce a new directory of the congregation’s membership as well as its various officers, board, groups and ministries. If you have moved, changed your cell phone number or home phone number in the past year, PLEASE let us know so we can make the changes. Also, it would be helpful if you would check your entry from the last directory and send us any corrections that may need to be made so your entry is up to date and correct.

Something I would find helpful is suggestions for educational, spiritual growth, or interest groups. Is there a particular study that you would find interesting or of value, perhaps a book study, a part of the Bible, a history of the Disciples of Christ, a study of the universe, or another religion? Write it on a pew card Sunday and I’ll share it with the appropriate folks (me included). If you have an hour or two you would like to give to the church, there are some things around here that are calling for some TLC and are not too physically demanding.

As the weather gets cooler, we will be working on the garage and getting it ready for some remodeling! We are trying to get the “new” bus inside and away from the weather or mischief. Speaking of the bus, we will look at a pick-up and return for some of our studies and activities if they are scheduled for the evening. We may need a driver or two for this service who is under 60 with a safe driving record and who can handle the bus.

So, watch the calendar and the Caller/eCaller for dates and times and details! Chancel Choir and Kirkringers return to practice on August 9, while the youth and children’s activities begin on August 20 after worship. Off we go, into the wild…oops…wrong song!