Take a Break to Remember and Celebrate

Take a Break to Remember and Celebrate

By the time you read this, it will be Tuesday, November 1, 2016. The elections are a week away and I’m sure the commercials, infomercials and news commentaries are going to be even more vitriolic than has been the case for the past several months. Tonight there is a game 6 for the World Series (if necessary) in Cleveland, Ohio. Last night we treated the children of our various neighborhoods to candy: superheroes and ghosts, ninjas and witches, princesses and Darth Vaders. So, tonight at Jeffersontown Christian Church we are going to take a break from Trick or Treating, a break from the rhetoric of politics and a break from the game of baseball (we WILL be done before the first pitch) in order to do some remembering and celebrating.

Tonight is the service for All Saints Day. It is a service of prayer, reflection, and remembering those in our congregation who have passed away since last November 1, as well as friends and family members of our community of faith. On the communion table will be candles to be lit for those who wish to remember a person or persons by this act. A bell will toll the names of our members who have joined the great company of saints that crossed over to the next world. Please come and join us as we remember and celebrate the gifts of life that have touched our own lives.

Several things have happened over the last few weeks that have made me happy (I’d have said “proud”, but we all know that’s like tempting fate!) A visitor left a card in the offering plate which had this note on the back, “You have a beautiful church. I have never felt so welcome, as I have today. Your church members are amazing.” At today’s shooting of directory photos, one of the people from Lifetouch came to tell me that every person he encountered after coming in the door was friendly, greeted him and smiled. In a conversation yesterday, I was reminded by yet another person that we are a welcoming community and a mission oriented congregation. Nice words to hear; good words to hear. Hopefully, it won’t go to our heads!

During the Fall Festival on Sunday, a family of Indian descent (perhaps Hindu as well) came to thank us for letting them use some tables and chairs from the garage. They had come earlier in the afternoon in quite a state of anxiety. Their son was turning 5 and they had planned to use a pavilion in the park to have a little party for him, but upon arrival found all the pavilions occupied. After the story became clear, they had called to make reservations and had been told it wasn’t necessary. We went out to the garage and rolled two of our old round tables out into the grass under the trees and carried a dozen folding chairs over as well. After their party, the couple came in while we were eating and playing to thank us and ask if they could do something for the church. I was able to tell them that we were honored to have been able to help in their time of need.

Take a break to remember our saints and to celebrate who we are as a community of faith.