Take a Breath

Take a Breath

Yikes! Distraction number one: the video card in my desktop is not doing its designated function; hence, I am forced to write on my laptop. Not so bad, you say? No big deal? My fingers are not meant for such close and small keys. Of course the rhetoric of the various campaigns is an even bigger distraction. Between the commercials and the commentary and the rhetoric of the candidates, themselves, I suspect we can all use a breather. Scott Colglazier, a former pastor at Beargrass Christian Church, had the same thought after the Third Presidential Debate and shared some images of the human journey. I thought you might enjoy some breathers, too.

This past week a couple picked-up dinner and delivered it to a neighbor recovering from serious surgery.

This past week a child went to school, as she has every day this fall, and discovered the joy of reading a book and writing a report about it.

This past week two friends finally secured a jobs after long and arduous searches; they are feeling like they have turned an important corner in life.

This past week several folks I know continued on courageously with chemo-therapy treatments, never complaining about their illness.

This past week two folks celebrated significant anniversaries for their sobriety, and in turn, the reclamation of their lives.

This past week two people fell in love with one another, and overcoming years of hurt, they have begun to open their hearts to one another. 

This past week a musician friend reminded me of an old song given new meaning, and an artist down in South Carolina finished a painting, and a poet-friend in West Virginia wrote a poem.

This past week a family sat down for a rare family dinner, and without phones or iPads or televisions, they actually talked to one another. 

This past week a friend had to say good-bye to a beloved pet, but the pain is mitigated by good memories of the companionship they enjoyed through the years.

This past week a young couple, while taking care of their newborn son, paused for a moment of wonder and love and gratitude as they worshipped with us.

Now breathe…