Thank You!

Thank You!

Thanksgiving Day may be upon us, but the entire month of November has become a time to reflect on all of the things we are thankful for in our lives. As the pastor of a congregation, I also spend some time each Thanksgiving considering some of the things I am thankful for at church. As we move forward with our visioning survey, our search committee for another staff member and upgrading our communication capabilities, I am grateful for our strong community of faith. I’m thankful for the folks who have stepped up to help in a variety of ways. At the risk of leaving someone out, let me put together a “starter” list of those who deserve a special thank you this fall.

The elders, all of them, as they continue to lead us, care for us and pray for us.

The people who have helped with Sunday meals and programs for our youth and children in no particular order: Mary Duttlinger, Marcia Mosby, Jackie Borders, Emily DeVuono, Nikki Kovacs, Susan Cox, Adren Cox, Heather Thomas, Edwin Thomas, Jennifer Amos, Will Amos, Angie Kemble, Randy Smith, Lisa Pataluna, Brian Pataluna, Rheanna McFarland, John McFarland, Diana Polsgrove, Deanna Polsgrove, Joe Russell, Carrie Hellmann, David Hellman, Carrie Vittitoe, Phyllis Moss, LeeAnn Neuman, and Gilda Watts.

The proof readers, letter folders, envelop stuffers, directory assemblers and all around “ready at a moment’s notice” to lend a hand crew: Sheila Quire, Nancy Wortley, Jennifer Lakin, Mary Rubsch and Diane Meister.

The Search Committee: Adren Cox, Pam Blackburn, Sam DeShazer, Nikki Kovacs, Jennifer Lakin, Phyllis Moss, Kim Nalley, Mark Uttich, Nancy Wortley and Diana Polsgrove.

The Vision Team: Nikki Kovacs, Natasha Bond, Larry Lakin, Linda Moore, Phyllis Moss, Lorraine Steele and Diana Polsgrove.

The Communication Committee: Nancy Wortley, Ira Creasman, Diane Meister, Sheila Quire, Lisa Steelsmith, Mark Uttich and Mitch Wilson.

The Visitor Ministry Team: Vicki Poole-Adams, David Adams, Becky Greenlee, Jennifer Lakin, Diane Meister, Kim Nalley, Lorraine Steele, Sue Sullivan and Nancy Wortley.

The list goes on, but I’m out of space! When you see them, thank them for their hard work and commitment to JCC.