The morning news?

The morning news?

I watched the news this morning before I got ready to come to church for this month’s Committee on Ministry interviews. One of the ways we serve alongside the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Kentucky is by making our facilities available for use by groups and committees of the region. On the fourth Wednesday of nearly every month, the Region’s committee dealing with candidates for the ministry uses our library. One of the committee’s interview teams (Louisville) meets with two or three candidates to follow their progress in seminary, examine their ability to articulate their call to ministry and provide encouragement as well as honest feedback. It happens that Larry Lakin and I are on that interview team and I serve as the convener, so we meet here at JCC. Other regional groups meet here, too, because of our location and ease of access. Thought you might like to know one of the ways we serve with the Region.

Then, there was the news this morning. The brief respite from the sweltering heat and humidity is officially over according to WLKY. Of course it is; Diane and I are going to the State Fair on Friday (before you read this). We will spend the morning visiting the cow barn, sheep and goat pens, and whatever other animals remain from the previous days. After some refreshment, we will tour the counties of the Commonwealth area and sign up for all the giveaways which we will not win. No, really, we won’t win any! Then, we’ll check out the art works, quilts and aquariums before some additional sustenance before moving to browse the “commercial” section and make one more donation to the educational enterprise operated by the state. Usually a rest period and dinner happen before heading home. All in all, it’s a good day…WLKY says it will be 92 and humid…of course!

Then, there was the news this morning. Football is in the air! Everyone is excited about their favorite team(s) and the prospects for the upcoming season. I have a number of favorites, places I have attended. The Mansfield (Ohio) Senior High Tygers (yes, that’s right, spelled with a “Y”); reunited from two schools, it has become a regional power again. The University of Cincinnati Bearcats were decent during my two years there. The Ohio State Buckeyes are in a rebuilding year after losing 22 starters to graduation or the NFL. The Bluffton College (now University) Beavers lost 27 straight when I was a student, but do some better these days. The Vanderbilt University Commodores…sailors trying to play football, enough said. Plus three others where I didn’t attend: whoever plays the school up north (_ichigan), whoever plays ND (my apology to Notre Dame fans, but I do bleed Scarlet and Gray!) and my wife’s alma mater, the University of Louisville.

 Then, there was the news this morning. Oops, looks like I’ve run out of room. Good thing, I suppose, since it was so depressing. Better to talk Ministry, State Fair and football!