The World is Going

The World is Going

Hurricanes, missiles, floods, human trafficking, Equifax hacking, climate change, wild fires, remembering 9/11, personal concerns for friends and relatives, melting of the polar ice caps, it feels like the world is going to hell in a hand basket and rather quickly I might add. Some of these issues are of our own making and some Mother Nature’s way of reminding us that we are not in control. While there are still some who would hold that the climate is not changing, it looks as though that is a weak position these days.

Thousands of Texans, Louisianans, Floridians and Islanders find themselves without power, without homes and surrounded by water from swollen and overflowing creeks and rivers. People in the west are witnessing a season of unparalleled forest fires destroying everything in their path. More hurricanes are forming in the Atlantic Ocean and heading our way. Countries are looking at tapping oil reserves in the Arctic Circle as a means of “cheap” energy adding to the carbon emissions destroying the atmosphere of earth and contributing to the greenhouse effect. We need to be conscious of our use of fossil fuels and work toward more sustainable energy sources like wind, solar and hydro power.

I remember it like it was yesterday, watching the planes crash into the World Trade Center Twin Towers; staring at the screen as they crumpled to the ground taking precious lives with them as they fell. This morning another report comes of North Korea testing yet another missile designed to take human life in giant hunks. Other countries are developing weapons which can do likewise. It’s as though we have lost our sanity.

Mass shootings happen with ever greater frequency, identity theft threatens to ruin individual’s lives as well as the national economy, and people’s lives seem to be of little value except to exploiters. Racism, homophobia, Fascism, greed and hatred run rampant in our neighborhoods and cities. Again, it’s as though we have lost our sanity.

I heard this week that the two hurricanes were God’s actions to punish people in Texas, Louisiana and Florida. By extension, the wild fires must be to punish people in the western states. Really? I have friends in those places and relatives who I know are not bad people. Okay, they may not be perfect, but they certainly don’t merit the wrath of Almighty God. Certain Christians have been claiming these activities as acts of God for centuries, but modern technology and science have shown us their natural causes.

What are we to do? Well I can think of several things: use the rational intelligence God has given us to critically consider the world around us, stand up for the value of every life, and pray for the leaders of the world, the exploiters, the greedy and the power hungry. Remember the less fortunate, work to reduce racism, stand against Fascism, hold elected officials accountable for their actions and freeze your credit reports. And never doubt that God is active, not in punishing us, but in loving us, being present to us and sustaining us through all that the world throws at us.