This Week in Worship

August 18, 2019

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Scriptures: Isaiah 40:26-31; Ephesians 1:15-23,4:2-6

Who’s Serving:

Elder On Call: Sam DeShazer (

Elders: Jack Quire and Missy Witten

Serving Communion: Lucille Morris (c), Kathie Attwood, Phyllis Moss, Lisa Pataluna, Teri Duke, Emily DeVuono, Mary Duttlinger, Shirley Fiechter, Ben Florence, Angela Smith, Randy Smith, Brinley Pataluna

Preparing Communion: Mary Rubsch, Becky Greenlee, Rheanna McFarland, Hannah McFarland

Worship Leader: Josh Mabe

Greeters: Ruth Compton and Lucille Morris

Coffee Fellowship: Rheanna McFarland and Hannah McFarland

Sound: Jack Quire

After Church Lock-Up: Mark Uttich

 Prayer Concerns: Gladys Duncan, Gilda Watts, Jerry McCombs, Maggi Dunn, Don Wrocklage, "Bo" Bodine,  Bob Quire, Wilma Quire, Charlene Sauer, Jeff Kennedy,  Madge Crafton, Tina Sizemore, June Bridgewater, Alton Crafton, Doris Fentner, Lucille  Morris, Steve Birch, Beth Crawley, Don Claxon, Edna Chelf, Andra Duke,  Bill Campbell, Judy Schley, Jackie Borders, Dennis Justice, Carole Minton, Gayle Clements