To Do Or Not To Do

To Do Or Not To Do

Lent has historically been a time of reflection & confession. Some people choose to “give up” or “take up” something during the season of Lent. These practices aren’t done to earn God’s favor or love, but instead to make more room in our lives to experience God at work. What practice(s) will you explore this Lenten season? Here are some suggestions to consider.

Limit the amount of time you spend using social media each day (half maybe?)

Drink water when not at home and donate what you would have spent on liquids that day.

Look for things you can recycle or give away.

Don’t purchase stuff you don’t need, only necessities.

Fast at lunch every day and donate the money to Save the Children.

Do a serious fast from sunrise to sundown every day, water only during daylight hours.

Give up the obvious: chocolate, alcohol, dessert, Star Bucks, McDonalds….

Practice silence for one, two, three hours a day or more.

Exercise your faith by reading a devotional or the Bible every day.

Read and pray a Psalm each morning as a way to start the day.

Consider volunteering at church: doing office stuff, working on the library, polishing the pews, washing some windows, clean out a closet, use your imagination!

Write a note of encouragement or appreciation every day to someone.

Send a card to a homebound member, someone in the hospital or doing rehab.

Join the Grateful Threads and knit caps for cancer patients, or learn how!

Invite someone who lives alone to out to dinner or to a movie or to play cards.

Call a person every day just to say “hi” and see how they are.

Whatever you decide to do or not do, just be consistent and allow yourself to experience the working of the Spirit in your life through denial of comfort, service to others, study, prayer, or expressions of thoughtfulness. The church has known from the earliest days that spending time in study, prayer, and service is good for the soul. It’s good for the Body of Christ as well. Give your soul a lift!

Of course, church is ultimately about community; as important as spiritual disciplines might be, they don’t negate the importance of coming together as a whole. So come and join as we journey from Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday, to Maundy Thursday to Good Friday to Easter Baptisms to Resurrection Worship. Come, Share the Lord!